Color Test Patch

We have been talking about refinishing the kitchen floors for a while now.  So we did a test patch so my husband and I could agree on a color.

We stared at the color samples and he would pick one color and I would pick something else.

We didn’t want light and I didn’t want super dark because I’ve been making a career out of dusting the TV cabinet due the fact that it’s just dark enough to show every speck of  dust.

My husband wanted a color with some orange in it but I did not and where ever he saw it before I sure it looked good but I wanted something more mid tone and  just not orange.

So here is the color we agreed on. It looks different with the change of light through out the day and with the bright sun it does have an orange glow to it but in the afternoon it takes out a whole different look.

Test patch 2


English Chestnut.

It so happens I had some on hand so why not just sand a spot on the floor and try it out. We also gave the test patch a couple of coats of polyurethane.

Test patch 1

The room really gets a lot of sun and you can see how much the floor has faded. The color before was red oak but right now it looks bleached.

Now that we’ve agreed on a color we just need the time to get started.

I hope it’s very soon.

I’ll keep you updated.




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  1. What a beautiful choice – good luck with the plans!

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