Christmas kitchen And Adventures In Lighting

Every time I think I may be finished decorating for Christmas I add something else. I wanted to share some holiday additions to I made  our kitchen. I kept everything pretty simple this year. Christmas sprinkled lightly around the house. Oh, and speaking of lightly there is also lighting.

Saturday morning my husband got this look in his eyes…it’s not so much a look as it is in his movements. He starts walking around. Out to the garage then back in again, then I know he has something is on his mind. He asks if we’re doing anything today, and even if we were I would say no because I can see what’s going on.

He stops and asks me “where are the other lights”, I immediately tell him and he disappears. Then I know… something is going to made, fixed or renovated. Quietly…I’m excited.


On this adventure in home remodeling it was a recessed light over the new cabinet that my husband  made some weeks ago. Out comes the ladder, lights drywall saw and one found recessed light.

Then, with perfect circle drawn on the ceiling where light will go the saw goes in and hits a ceiling joist.

So much for that.  But I so wanted a nice light shining down on the new cabinet. I suggest some strip lighting that I saw on the DYI network.

Next thing I know we’re off to Lowes.

We examined each and every lighting option and came up empty, well almost. I did get a new rug for the mud room, some more pinecones and this lovely Lemon cypress tree (sorry about the terrible picture).


The lighting adventure…to be continued.

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