Slacker Update

 Surely, I am the worst slacker out there.    Months and months have gone by without one post. So, today my slacker update.

I wanted to share some bottles and beakers my husband had brought home for me from a college lab that was tossing them.

bottles and ferns 2bottles and ferns 3

I have about two dozen or so of these interesting bottles and beakers, perfect  size for you window ledge. Love science related anything.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Spring and Summer mine has been busy thus leading to my absence.

bottles and ferns 1

Thanks for stopping by all these months to check on me. I hope my slacker post will lift me from my slump.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Thanksgiving Table

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Hello everyone. With Halloween ended and the holidays speeding towards us it’s been making me think about a thanksgiving table. My goal this year is to not be so last-minute about everything.

So, with that being said I was off gathering some items from around my home to set a simple easygoing table. This is what I came up with.

thanksgiving table 5

I like simple and I love things from nature so that’s why I really like the way the table turned out.

thanksgiving table 4

I had picked up the blue and white plates over the summer from different yard sales.

thanksgiving table 1The feather tags I made from a stamp and some gold ink I had around the house…keeping it simple. An easy three-minute project.

thanksgiving table 9

thanksgiving table 8

thanksgiving table 7

The mercury glass candle holders are from TJ Maxx.

thanksgiving table 2

thanksgiving table 10

The placemats came from Target. I had used them last year here for Christmas. I feel they work just as well for Thanksgiving dinner. The pinecones I always keeps around. Art from nature.

thanksgiving table 6

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Mantel For Spring and Other Distractions

I have been working on many things… mostly planning.

I can get very easily distracted. One minute I am working on my laundry room and the next minute I’ve disappeared….for like three months.

Actually, I did make new curtains… excuse me, panels of drapes for the family room and I have no pictures.

As I said, I can get very easily distracted.

Anyway, I wanted to share my mantel that I’ve updated for spring.

Spring mantel 03

I’ve had this pink vase forever I love the color and the fact it’s a bit crooked. The butter mold is from eBay.

Spring mantel 04

Spring mantel 02

My favorite guy. I made his shell wreath for his head. I just think he’s great. Makes me happy every time I see him.

No, I have never kissed him.

Spring mantel 07

Spring mantel 01

Spring mantel 06

I feel like such a loser for not blogging in so long but thanks to the all the visits I receive everyday.

Life has been busy and I’m in the thick of it.

As distracted people go I’m like the queen.

I have a million things going on in my head and all the ambition but then after work I sit down and I’m done. Or shall I say nothing gets done, just the normal crap, load the dishwasher, fold the laundry, go to the dreaded supermarket.

I do think I’m on the up swing though. I did find a nice rug for the laundry room but again no pictures. I still need to come up with different curtains.   With that being said when I went to get fabric for said curtains for the laundry room I ended up with 30 yards of something else that turned into the family room drapes. I was yearning for some color.

Are you sensing the pattern of distraction.

And to boot we are in the middle of a remodel of our hall bathroom which includes a toilet and door in the upstairs hallway for the past 2 weeks.

“Goodnight Kyle. Don’t trip over the toilet”.

Thanks for stopping by.

I promise I’ll be back with some pictures soon.






Hello…And January Mantel

January mantel 5 First, Hello.

I have once again been absent. Family, work and some dang TV shows have sucked me in.

All of the Christmas items have been packed away for some time now and have been happily living with the bare stripped-down version of my home.  My one daughter started to complain about how empty the house looked .

So we decided to add some items to dress up the barren mantel.

Granted, we did not add much…but it is just enough for now.

January mantel 6

I was out and about and picked up the fern fonts at Target to add a bit of green that I can keep alive.

January mantel 3

Everything else was gathered from other parts of the house. The stag with the cool gold antlers I had gotten before Christmas and I’ve been enjoying it in my bedroom.  Now, he has center stage for the time being. He’s from the Christmas decor area but I don’t think of him that way, so out he stays.

January mantel 4

At my daughter’s request the barn door I painted awhile ago has again made an appearance.

I really, really want to do something different with the whole fireplace surround but we’ll have to see about that.


Just not feeling anything…yet.

January mantel 2

This is my big January mantel.

We’ve made some changes in our laundry room/ mudroom but of course I’m not finished but making progress. I’ll share soon.

Happy day.


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