Fall House…some small changes

Fall. This season has to be my all time favorite. I don’t know if it’s the cool weather or Halloween or the fact that my birthday is in the autumn season. Whatever the reason it reigns queen in my heart of all of mother natures gifts.

I have slowly (very slowly) transitioned my home from summer to autumn. So, I thought I’d share some of the changes that I’ve done to welcome the wonderful season.

I always start by changing things up on the mantel. Now, remember these are small changes.


fall 2015 1

I have this love for rustic looking garden decor that one would see on an old English estate, I’ve always been drawn to it not sure why, I just love it. So, when I saw these two fruit urns at HomeGoods  I was thought I was going to knock this woman over to get to them.

fall 2015 14fall 2015 9fall 2015 3






I really like the changes its not too much but adds a cozy vibe to the family room. I am currently looking for something else to replace the painting over the mantel I did but alas nothing has come up or I just can’t make up my mind, so the quest continues.

fall 2015 5

I have left some shells out around the house just because I love them and they’re ones I’ve collected with the kids.

fall 2015 6summer flowers 7

I did move some things around in the entry. I always love images of the round table in the entry ways of the homes in the shelter magazines and I seem to be always on the lookout for one that would be the perfect size for the area as you enter through the front door.  It’s not quite what I want but it works for now.

fall 2015 15

I move out the other table the I normally have under the mirror and added a bench from another part of the house.

fall 2015 10fall 2015 8fall 2015 18

I picked up some pumpkins from the local Amish farm.

fall 2015 17

My favorite pick of the day. And pretty much all I’ve added to my kitchen.

fall 2015 16fall 2015 11

I think my little dog has chosen this one as her favorite.

In my living room/ office/ reading room/ soon to be something else room I really haven’t added to much of anything except this super wonderful plaid tray from Target!

fall 2015 13

Love this tray in all its plaid wonderfulness and everything else Target had going on in their home goods area!

fall 2015 12

I hope to make some change to this room soon so for now I’ve pretty much have left it alone. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t come  back next week and change everything.

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Some Christmas Decor For Your Viewing Pleasure

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Hello all.

Hoping everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday and the Black Friday shopping frenzy. I sure did.

Well, the slacker that I am  I finally got started decorating our home for the Christmas holidays. It feels like it was just Halloween and then BOOM Christmas will be here in just a couple of weeks.

So, with that being said I’m sharing what I have so far.

christmas 2014 8christmas 2014 9christmas 2014 10

As you enter from the front of the house the blue chest of drawers is the first thing you see and my favorite mirror I made, you can check it out here. I just added some small moments. I have yet to decorate the staircase due some tired garland needing to be replaced.

christmas 2014 7christmas 2014 6christmas 2014 5 christmas 2014 2

Some little moments in the front living room.

christmas 2014 3christmas 2014 4

I made the winter sign a couple of years ago and thought I would use it in this room for a change. The blue goes with my daughter’s choice for her tree of blue.

christmas 2014 7

Heavy usage of pinecones. Love them, can’t get enough of them, one of nature’s treasures.

christmas 2014 12

christmas 2014 13301300305

The kids love the shelving of trees and come to think about it… so do I. Loving the bottle brush trees I buy them whenever I see them.

I still am working on our family room and some other areas of around the  house.

This weekend we’ll be going to the tree farm to choose the perfect tree (or the best one they have left). Always an adventure. I’ll share when we have it up and hopefully I’ll get my full Christmas on by the end of the weekend.

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Autumn Touches

Here in PA the leaves are really starting to put on a lovely show with all the beautiful colors.038

I have been adding some autumn touches around the house so I thought I would share some with everyone.

basement 3

Last weekend I repainted my basement hallway . It was a terrible shade of yellow and yellow in a room with no windows equals dingy. So out with that color and I with a nice bright neutral called Gravel from Olympic paints.  It inspired me to give the  hallway of doors (as I like to call this area) a makeover of sorts with some items gathered from around the house.

basement 6

While I was painting I repainted  the inside of my corner cabinet a new color as well.

basement 7018

The color is called Peppercorn. I also used it here. I love this color.


The bench is a side of the road find that moves around the house.

basement 9 051

The mirror I just love. I’ve had it forever. The pillows are a mix of bought and one that I’ve made.

basement 11

I did just get this bust from HomeGoods. Love.

basement 2 basement13

The chair is another side of the road find.

I know everything is not over the top screaming autumn but I think it’s just enough.

basement 01



The paint really makes all the difference since there are no windows in this area of the basement.

010027basement 16

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Summer House

Time for some change. Now that the weather has been so lovely I thought I’d change things up a bit in the house.

summer room 16

So out came all my warm weather items that had been stashed away in my very scary work/junk room. It’s turned into a storage room more or less since I don’t like to work there because of the lack of natural light.

Must have the sunshine.

summer room 14

Anyway on with it. I have been making little changes throughout the house some I like and others continue to be a work in progress.

I did a marathon of making panels of drapes for the family room. I like them very much. What I didn’t like was the fact the rods are hung right above the window. I know right…are you cringing as you read? Everything I’ve ever read or seen about hanging drapes says go high above the window.

I know. But guess what it’s not going to happen here. I have these half round windows in our family home and I’m not covering them up I don’t care about the rules. So here I am living on the edge.

summer room 15

I dig the new drapes I made and I painted the rods and rings to blend with the walls so it works for me.

summer room 18

For our mantel I wanted something different to look at so I just collected some of my favorite bottles and books. The fish tank with the shells and other treasures from the sea I used last year in the very same spot but I really do love it so back out it came.

summer room 07

summer room 05

Most of the time there are shell prints and shells around the house. It’s just what we like.

summer room 17

No, I don’t live at the beach. Think Amish county.

summer room 11

summer room 10

I just love the whale plate I picked up last year at HomeGoods last year…so cute.

summer room 08

I wanted to keep everything pretty simple this year.

Just all the stuff I really love.

summer room 01

summer room 12

summer room 09

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Have a great day. Susan









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