Roadside Bench Makeover

Ok, summer vacation is over. I made it through the first couple of weeks back to school, back to school nights and I think I’ve listened to twenty different school messages that come perfectly timed with dinner each evening.

Now that everyone back to their schedules I am so ready for fall. Actually, I’ve been ready for fall since early August or maybe late July  just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Autumn is my all time favorite season. I love the smells the weather is wonderful and the colors are beautiful. Hopefully, this weekend I’ll be able to get a chance to make some fall changes to the house.

But for now I wanted to share my roadside bench makeover with everyone.

Here it was before not so bad but no top. I still can’t think why this was on the side of the road.

free bench

I’ve been hoarding some of my last summer roadside adoptions in the shed and it was time to make some room. So out came the bench. My goal is to get all my last year roadside adoptions out so I can make more for some new ones.

Actually, I have had the bench done or somewhat done for a couple of months now. I made a cushion for the top not sure if I should make a permanent cushion or not, but now I’m leaning towards upholstering it since I don’t really like the cushion sliding around.

Here is my after (for now).

gray bench 2

I bought a piece of wood for the top and my husband cut it and attached it to the top and I painted the top to match the Annie Sloan’s Paris gray. Next, I just give it a good sanding and some dark wax.

Gray bench 11

Gray bench10

I picked the blue and white fabric up at the Calico Corners Outlet.

Gray bench9

Now, I just need to find the perfect spot.



Living Room Hutch Update

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I’ve been wanting to give our hutch in the living room a bit of an update. The living room is on the north side of the house so it can be rather dark most of the day. I love the hutch painted black but it needed a little something.

Black hutch 1

Call it spring fever, the need for change, boredom whatever I painted it. Some of it.

Black hutch 2

I had a mixture of Annie Sloan’s chalk paint that I previous tried out on my kitchen island. The mix is Duck Egg Blue and Antibes Green. The amount of each to make the color, who knows. The color is probably more Duck Egg Blue than Antibes Green.

The color reminds me of a robins eggs blue but greener, and since it’s almost spring…why not.

Hutch 2

I shopped the house for some springtime related items (I have two of the egg plates, my favorites), and because the room lacks good light the photos are somewhat dark. I actually took the curtains down to try to add more light  in the room for the pictures.

spring livingroom 0

I’m thinking the whole room needs an over haul and I’ll be sitting and thinking about this one.

painted hutch 1

But for now I just tried to bring a touch of spring to the room.

painted hutch 2

Who knows I may just paint the hutch again.

I am loving emerald-green these days.

Thanks for popping by.

Have a great day.







A Marriage Made In Heaven

The other day I shared my living room with everyone and I wanted to tell you a little bit about a very cute couple. It’s a marriage made in heaven. They never argue and I know they’ll be together for a very long time. What I’m I talking about. Well, my hutch of course.


Don’t they make a cute couple?

The  bottom of the hutch lived in my house when I was growing up. I just always remembered that we had it and it was painted turquoise and inside of the of the cabinet doors were painted yellow (they still are). When I got the piece, I painted it black. It’s moved around my house and I used it as a divider in our old home when you entered the front door because of the lack of a foyer (you just fell into a large room).

A couple of years ago on one of our trips to the Pottery Barn outlet, my husband found the top of the hutch. Of course we didn’t have measurements for the bottom but my husband felt it was the right size. So, we took a chance and bought it. The piece was on sale for fifty bucks you really can’t beat that since the top of the hutch sells for much more. You can see it here. It was a perfect fit.

The hutch top that we bought was in the mahogany. We painted it black and the piece also did not come with any shelves but my husband can always make them if I want but, I’m happy without them.

Notice the arrows, the print is up all year-long and the wonderful spackle spots awaiting a coat of paint (for a while now)…what a very nice reflection.

Well, there you have it, a marriage in heaven.



In a flash

My plans for the day were to start shopping for school supplies. From there check the oops paint (because you just never know) at a store along the way. I should stop in to TJ maxx just to see what’s new (bought stuff). Oh, there are some paint books from HGTV  that I wanted to pick up at yet another paint store, better stop there too. By the time I got home I accomplish some things. The girls and I did gather some school supplies and paint books but no oops paint. By that time I was in the mood for something but what? Well, this.No, I had the dog… the table. I had bought the metal frame from a barn sale in the spring it was rusty and had no top. It’s been hanging out in my garage since then and the  table saw ( it’s not really a table saw but I can’t think of the name of it right now) happened to be there and some wood from a piece I took apart months ago… so I put it together in about 45 minutes.Here’s a close up of the top I love the patina of the wood I had stripped the piece (it was a small hutch from the trash) there is still some old green paint on it.I wanted the look of the nail holes I think it makes the piece. The wood is different widths but some how it worked out perfectly and I didn’t have to rip any of the pieces to fit. Magical and in a flash. It’s just how I envisioned it when I bought the frame. Now, I don’t know where I’ll put it.

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