Hall Bath Progress

The tile.

hall bath tile 1 I love it. It makes me happy each time I go into this room. The room seems so much lighter and cheery. Still, there’s much to do.

Beadboard and base boards have been painted and the walls painted as well. I choose a very light gray for the upper walls to keep very thing very airy.

We also, choose to use the existing vanity base because this is a mini makeover and the base is in good shape. I just painted it out and added the brass knobs that I had.

Hall bath 7

I still have yet come across a vanity top I like and or matches my budget…but I’m a looking.

Hall bath 3

I have the some new lighting but since I don’t have the vanity top the lighting has to wait. I do have a hole in the wall that must have been made to fish wire…so that needs to be patched but again waiting on vanity top.

hall bath 6

The towel rack is something I made with a piece of an old palette I really like the color of the wood and spent hours just sanding it. I added some old hooks and just sprayed them black and done.

Hall bath 01

I really want to get a piece I can use for storage for under the window in the alcove but I have yet to find anything. I’ll live with the empty space until then.

Also, the window.  Should I leave the white blinds and add a curtian….just the blinds…or lose the blinds altogether? I just don’t know. What do you think?

This is pretty much where this project has stalled. But alas! I have high hopes for completion.

On another note…there has been an increase of foot traffic in this bathroom. Turns out the kids just wanted a shower door.

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Hall Bath

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We had been working on getting the kids out of our master bath and into the hall bath. For some reason the kids would trek up the hall in the middle of the night to use the bathroom instead of just using the hall bath right outside of their rooms. It’s much closer…like open bedroom door turn into bathroom. That close.

Many mornings there is a lot of banging on the master bathroom door while the hall bath remained open.  Nineteen toothbrushes in the master bathroom and one in the hall bathroom.

It was a mystery. My husband kept asking me why no one would use the hall bathroom. I had no clue since the master bath is painted an awful tomato red ( this will be addressed at a later time). I did not like it from the moment I slapped the paint on the wall I can not imagine why they wanted to use this bathroom. The hall bath is larger in size as well.

Well, in order to assure the hall bathroom did not feel slighted anymore we decided to give the bathroom a mini makeover.

Builders grade everything. The only window in the room is  on the north facing side of the house…very dark. Add dark blue paint and it only seemed darker (yes it’s a darker blue). Yes, I know the photos are awful.

hall bath before 2

Boring right.  By the time I snapped any photos the work had begun.

I’m going for a farmhouse look so to me nothing speaks farmhouse like some beadboard. Also, this is a mini makeover so our budget is small and no walls will be come down.

hall bath before 1

We went with a beadboard panels framed by trim.

hall bath before 4hall bath before 3

I love the look.

We used pre-primed wood to make our lives a bit easier. Instantly, the room gained all kinds of light and that’s with just the pre-primed wood.

Here is the tile we… mean I choose.

hall bath before 6

Matte white hexagon tile. Love. If it where marble I would be head over heals in love but still love it is. Once my husband started to lay it I understood his distaste for it. In two words…not fun.

Grouting the tile was done by me and I think my hip and knees hurt for weeks.

Hey, did you ever order tile online and wonder if the UPS guy was going the hate you and never bring anything to you again.  I have. Thankfully, I was not at home and we have had other packages delivered since then.

Of course it’s not at all finished. But progress is being made.  I’ll share more this week.

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Flannel Buck Pillows

Hello, everyone!

I’ve awaken from my month-long design coma, design slump or what ever you want to call it. Anyway, I’ve been absent. Work, school, kids and all that good stuff have kept me away.

Today, I wanted to share my Buck pillow covers I whipped up for the Christmas season. I have been added some Christmas touches around the house but  I haven’t had enough time to really get any good pictures and now with the daylight savings time and the overcast days the light has been less than optimal. So, with that being said the pictures from today are not so great.

Buck pillow 6

I do want to add this is like a half tutorial since I would never subject anyone to my sewing instruction. It’s at best haphazard. So, I’ll basically explain what I did.

buck pillow 3

I gathered my supplies I’ve been storing for just such a project.  I picked up 2 yards of the black and white flannel at Joann Fabric and the down pillow forms are from Lowes.

Next, I printed out an image of a buck head and cut it out. It was my first thought to use white canvas but I found some green wool felt around the house left over from another project so I thought why not.

buck pillow 1

I just pinned the image of the buck head to the felt and cut it out.

Buck pillow 4

Next, I cut the flannel to size. I wanted to make an envelope style because of my changeable ways and I doubt I’ll be wanting buck pillows in my family room come spring. I’m just psychic that way.

Buck pillow 5

I pinned and slowly stitched the buck head to the flannel fabric Other than cutting around the antlers this takes the most time. I just went very slowly using my sewing machine.

I have no pictures for the strange manner in which I then wrapped pinned and stitched the pillows. It would seem on this day I chose not to measure anything  instead I like to eye-ball it and call it a day.

Buck pillow 2

Some how they turned out just like I imaged them.

Buck head pillows 01

Then, later that day all the pillows were thrown from the sofa by a little girl, just like I imaged they would.

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Weekend Spray Paint Project

Oh my, its spray painting season. The weather was beautiful around here this weekend so it was a great time to do a little spray painting.

I’ve been working on the girls room for what seems to be forever now but it’s coming together. I had a couple of items I wanted to use in their rooms but the colors needed to be changed up.

Spray paint project 1

The lamps on the right are ones I had around the house and the green one was a great deal from Target for only 5.96 of course I spent 17.00 for the shade but all in all  a great deal.

The girls wanted the green lamp blue and I thought they could use a bit of white so the other two got a fresh coat of white.

spray paint project 4

I’m such a freak about instant gratification so it’s almost to hard to wait for the paint to dry so I like to buy the fast dry spray paint and even with that there is a wait time. I did take the time to build my make shift paint box and tape everything off. Still managed to get the garage floor with the paint. Note drop cloths are not just for slip covers.

spray paint project 3

I picked up the bird artwork yesterday but I wasn’t crazy about the two-tone look to it so I thought I would spray paint the bird artwork black.  I also picked up a black and white area rug yesterday as well so I feel it will work and doesn’t every room need a like black?

spray paint project 5

The owl was a deal for only 5 bucks and has lived in my closet for about a year now waiting for the perfect home. I knew I would paint it but what color. The girls thought orange but when Russ came back with florescence orange instead of something I would actually use so I went with a hammered metal color for now. I just don’t know, he could be a different color by next week, we shall see.

spray paint project 7

We still need to build the shelves because girl like stuff and need places to put the stuff, right? Right.

spray paint project 6

The lamps with the new shades look fresh in the room and add the orange color that was requested.. The green lamp was painted in the same blue as the frame but for some reason I didn’t take a picture of it .

Well, the work continues. I’ll share more photos this week.

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