Burlap Table Runner… A How To

Yesterday I shared my fall inspired tablescape with everyone. Well, under the dishes, placemats and pumpkin goodness was a burlap table runner  I made the day before. I wanted to share how I made the table runner.

This is a super easy project that only takes about an hour to complete. My farmtable is long 8 ft. ( I said yesterday it was 7 ft. by mistake) so some of the runners in the stores look to short for my taste. What’s a girl to do? I did have some burlap in the house and it’s rustic like my farmtable so why not make one.

Here is what you need for this project :

Burlap (I cut mine to 115″ long, why I just eyeballed it).


Painter’s tape

Yard stick

Paint and Brush

Sharpie (today it was green)

The runner that I made is 20″ wide. Why, well the piece of burlap that I had is 40″ wide and I just folded and then cut it up center to make it easy. I next laid a drop cloth out then placed the burlap down and tape it to the drop cloth. Next, I took my sharpie and measured in 2″ from the outside and moved up the burlap marking dots so I could line up my tape. When that was all said and done I just followed the marks with the painter’s tape. After, that I grabbed a yard stick to determine my space where I would paint. I placed the yard stick down and marked the other side with more dots then ran the other piece of tape. Next, I painted the space that between the tape. I stood back to admire my work very pleased with myself I might add when from the other side of the garage I heard a voice saying ” the paint looks the same color of the burlap”. Hmmm, maybe he’s right (he being my husband). So, what did I do? I repainted right over it with black paint and covering the brown paint made it a grayish color.  I liked it.I then went  and removed the tape while the paint was still wet. Done. Now, how easy was that? The hardest part of the project was to protect it from the masses of children that suddenly appeared  in my garage as soon as I was done. So, there you have it my Burlap Table Runner.

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