Blank Mantel

My mantel is blank. Waiting for something to happen. I’ve had my Christmas decorations down since new year’s day. I’ve been living with the open emptiness of the room. The kids asked me if I’m ever going to put anything back up.

I will.

Backroom 1


One of the reasons for the empty room is that we repainted the family room on Saturday in the most unlike ME paint color…wait for it. A creamy stone color. My husband calls it builders white and is decidedly very unimpressed.  But for me it’s a very nice change.

I was growing very tired of the gold-ish-mustard color. Before that it was a lighter gold-ish mustard color with brown and gray paint samples covering the walls. So hopefully you can see where I’m coming from. I felt the room was too warm with all the golds and browns and browns. So change is good…right. Paint, I love it. You can change the look of a room in a day.

So right now, I’m enjoying the lack of color. It’s not like it’s going to stay “builder’s white” forever (you know me to well to think that dear husband).

But do you have a picture of this creamy stone/ builders white color you may ask.

No…but I will soon.

So for now enjoy some gold-ish, mustard-ish before pictures.

Backroom 2


Oh, and the island had a little makeover as well.

Another very not me color…a bold blue.

Also, no pictures…soon…really and I will have a not so blank mantel too.

Have a great day.




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  1. Exciting changes – can’t wait to see what you have changed to your warm and welcoming home! Take care, Laura

  2. Susan,

    I’m sure that the new color looks amazing! I can’t wait to see pictures!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

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