Autumn Deck

Hey everyone, I wanted to share some pictures of my deck dressed for the Autumn season.

Autumn deck 8

Hands down, I enjoy sitting out on our deck in the fall most of all. The cooler weather and the leaves changing on the trees are just wonderful. We have this Amish farmer who has a farm beyond the trees to our back who likes to yodel or sing while he’s harvesting his crops. What more could you want in a fall day?

I’m sure before we know it the weather will be just to cold and I’ll be wrapping everything up for the winter but for now I’m trying to make the most of the beautiful weather of the autumn season.

Autumn deck 7

This wine rack came from a yard sale years ago and we added the slate from our fireplace when we changed our mantel.

I really only added a couple of pumpkins and some candles but it makes the deck feel like a cozy room.

Autumn deck 3

I brought my favorite bench that I had picked up from a flea market years ago up from the patio to hold some more candles.

Autumn deck 2

Finally, I made it to the Amish farm market for some pumpkins.

Autumn deck 10

Autumn deck 6

Autumn deck 4

I just love these little white ones.

Autumn deck 1

I love sitting out on the deck in the evening the yard is so quite and the glow from the candles are great.

Autumn deck 9

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