Amaryllis Blossom

After months of watching and waiting, watering and waiting some more my Amaryllis finally blossomed.

amaryllis 3

I planted two Amaryllis bulbs back in October, thinking how nice they would look at Christmas. I planted them following the directions. I had them in a sunny warm spot. I watered the bulbs just as the directions said. I would think about what pretty pots I would put them in and where in the house they would look best. Day dreaming about these beautiful blossoms…white against the white snow…how pretty I thought to myself.


No green spikes shooting out of the bulbs. No lovely white blossoms. NOTHING.

I bought some Paperwhites to force. They shot up in days and showed their stuff, almost throwing it in the faces of these Amaryllis bulbs as if to say this is how you do it!

But the Amaryllis show barely any sign of life.

Then, after waiting and wondering if I had made a very poor decision to even try to grow these fickle little plants they started to come to life.

amaryllis 1

Showing their lovely white blossoms. Oh, how lovely I’m thinking to myself.

Flower 1

Well, one Amaryllis has come to life. The other slower friend is starting to wake up.

Maybe by Valentine’s day.



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