Adding Spring Touches

I’ve been slowly adding some spring touches around my house. A bird plate here a colorful spring flowers there.

bird plates 3

I’m tired of the winter weather. I think part of me believes that if I add some springtime touches around the house it will in some way bring a beautiful spring day our way.

Spring dining room 2

In my part of the world yesterday…sleet, cold nasty rain and a little to our north, snow.

spring 2

As if the perfect spring day will occur on Wednesday, and I’ll wake up and the birds are chirping and the fresh scent hyacinths will fill the air. No, around here it will still be cold and I’ll still be freezing. But, I know the beautiful spring weather will be here soon and I can’t wait.

front hall 4

So, for now I’ll just enjoy adding some spring touches and keep a look out for some better weather.

spring kitchen 1

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day.



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  1. I totally agree, I am so over this weather. I have had two projects waiting to be painted for over a week and it is just too darn cold – but I love your spring touches! Take care,Laur

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