A tray…I’m so good at titles

If your anything like me then you really love… love… love a great deal. I was over visiting with Miss Mustard Seed and on a particular day when MMS was talking about Luckett’s special for August. This very cool galvanized tray with rope handles. Well, who doesn’t need another tray…I love them. I remember being in my mother’s antiques shop and the wonderful trays she had, the big silver plate one’s with the beautiful patina. My mother had stacks of them, I still think about those trays. I bet there wasn’t another twelve-year-old girl back then who loved trays as much as I did or spending hours in their mother’s shop arranging the displays in the store. Ah…memories.

But back to the great deal from Luckett’s I snapped one up in like two minutes after reading the post. 35.00. I’m digging it and I just know it will come in handy. Luckett’s shop usually retails the tray for 45.00.  After my visit to the Terrain I am really loving my tray even more because they have the same tray and the price. 68.00. Did I mention I love a deal. When I saw it I thought how wonderful it would look with a fall arrangement on it or I could hang it on the wall for a memo board, but for today it is a tray. Did you notice the cute little pumpkins? Even though it was in the 80’s today I’m starting to get into the fall mood. The farmers had the  pumpkins out so I thought I’d pick some up. Are you in the mood for fall?

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  1. Susan,

    I LOVE the color and texture of that tray! And the way you have it styled is so amazing!

    Thanks so much for inspiring me today!

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