Basket make over

I wanted to share a bit about the basket make over.  I wrote what I did in yesterday’s post but when I went to publish… pouf…gone.  My inspiration came from another blog and the wonderful vintage basket she had in her very lovely home. I must start pinning more. I don’t know about anyone else but I go from link to link and sometimes get lost. All this to said I can’t remember where I saw it. My search continues. My before picture… The after picture. So here’s what I did. First, I mixed together some gray wall paint, water, black and brown craft paint then coated the basket.  I then walked the dog in the yard to give ample time to dry ( like 5 minutes). Next, I painted on the black “block” area (that was given a dry time of about 2 minutes). After that I used a cream/gray color to paint on the numbers and letters (my daughter called out random numbers and letters). For the last step I coated the basket with Annie Sloan’s dark wax. That’s it.

Hope everyone has  a wonderful mother’s day. Susan

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