• Summer House
  • Laundry Room Update
  • Mantel For Spring and Other Distractions
summer room 01

Summer House

Changing up the house for an easy going house. Come check it out.

Mudroom 2

Laundry Room Update

Here are the goals I had for our laundry room when I started it so many months ago. First, rid the room of the horrible yellow/ apple green color. Bring more light into the room but still holding on to some privacy just in case someone needed to retrieve some from the laundry in their skivvies. Now… [read more]

Spring mantel 02

Mantel For Spring and Other Distractions

Mantel for Spring and some other distractions.

mudroom makeover 3

Laundry Room…What I’m Working With

Add your HTML code here… When it comes to our home I really must admit I love change. With that being said I got it in my head that I needed some change in our laundry room/ mud room. It’s the first room you see when we enter from the garage and I wanted to make it more “happy”. This… [read more]

January mantel 2

Hello…And January Mantel

 First, Hello. I have once again been absent. Family, work and some dang TV shows have sucked me in. All of the Christmas items have been packed away for some time now and have been happily living with the bare stripped-down version of my home.  My one daughter started to complain about how empty the house looked… [read more]