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bottles and ferns 1

Slacker Update

 Surely, I am the worst slacker out there.    Months and months have gone by without one post. So, today my slacker update. I wanted to share some bottles and beakers my husband had brought home for me from a college lab that was tossing them. I have about two dozen or so of these interesting bottles and… [read more]

Pineapple Hill Interiors Christmas 2014

Some Christmas Decor For Your Viewing Pleasure

Started decorating for the Christmas Holidays…finally.

thanksgiving table 1

Thanksgiving Table

Add your HTML code here… Hello everyone. With Halloween ended and the holidays speeding towards us it’s been making me think about a thanksgiving table. My goal this year is to not be so last-minute about everything. So, with that being said I was off gathering some items from around my home to set a simple easygoing table. This… [read more]

game room 9

The Game Room

Down stairs in our basement is the kids game room. Like everything else in my home it’s a work in progress. But I thought I’d share some pics of this very hard-working room. This little room is off the hall area I shared with you here.    The pennants I found at a yard sale a couple of years ago and… [read more]

basement 01

Autumn Touches

New paint and some fall touches for the basement.

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